Location — Fitzroy North, Melbourne
Type — Permanent, part time (2 days a week)

Why work at Eat Me?

First of all, why not? But also, to do great work. We can talk around it, but at the end of the day this is why we want to hire you. We come to work every day (not literally of course — not weekends or holidays or whatever, but you get the idea) to create something. Hopefully something great.

What else?

The kitchen is a complicated place with complicated problems. You knew that. We like making complicated chutneys and our customers keep asking for more. So, we’re looking for someone who can help us. Someone who likes solving complicated problems, in the kitchen.

This is no desk job

  • You will be working in the kitchen for most part of the day. Experience in commercial kitchens would be great but experience being a good human is probably more important.

  • Food safety and hygiene are super important because no one likes bugs in their chutney unless it’s a bug chutney.

  • You have a basic understanding of cooking and food – well, a little more than boiling an egg. The rest we will teach you if you are eager enough. Maybe a certificate I or II in commercial cookery or equivalent experience.

  • We need you to be professional and curious about everything that goes on in our wonderful industry.

  • We like togetherness and utmost honesty – you know, be nice to each other. You should hold enough confidence to help every person around you. You strive to make your teammates better than you.

Few other things we will look for

  • Good spoken and written English and preferably one other language. The more the better. College education can be nice too.

  • A friendly and good person (because we like friendly and good people).

So, what do you think? Sound like you?

Say hi and introduce yourself – we like to receive colourful CVs. However, be sure to tell us, in writing, why you think that working at Eat Me Chutneys might make a difference to your life, ours and the cosmos. You’re still reading this, which must mean you’re thinking about it. Don’t overthink it, email us. We look forward to knowing you - people@eatmechutneys.com.au

Thanks for reading.

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