When you’re trying to convince people of something, it’s an enormous advantage if what you’re trying to convince them of happens to be actually true. 

We know life is ridiculous

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  • Wholesale Partnerships

    We acknowledge the effort that goes into running a small cafe, mini supermarket, speciality grocer or butcher shop. Well, any retail outlet for that matter. To that end, we're putting honest effort into our packaging, the story behind our work and all manner of things to make the dialogue between the jar and the customer that much easier. At all times, we're happy to share where and how we source ingredients, how we cook and ship the jars to you. Our new kitchen and wholesale section will kick off early 2021. If you're interested or have any questions, do email us wholesale@eatmechutneys.com.au.

    Other formal things

    Topics including Order & Payments, Shipping Information, Packaging etc will all be explored on this page.

    Tell your friends

    You may have heard that Eat Me is pretty great (okay, you probably heard it from us. That doesn’t mean it’s not true). But, believe it or not, apparently there are still people out there who don’t know how great we are. Most new customers find Eat Me via recommendation - if you know someone whose life could benefit from a little Eat Me, we would be most grateful for the introduction.