Well, hello there. Nice to see you —

Who calls themselves Eat Me?
My name is Ankit. I am the son of the mum (self-professed chutney queen) and son (a trained chef) team that started a small company teasingly named by my dad, Eat Me Chutneys. And that’s how we started - we didn’t pay a design agency to coin that name for us (thanks Dad).

What's with chutneys?
Thanks to an insatiable familial curiosity, what started as a weekend only affair soon took its own life form. Our postcard pitch joyfully presents what we do - we’re a little different (and delicious). Just like people, fruits and vegetables are rejected for their lumps, bumps and blemishes, twists, kinks and colour. We say embrace them all. We’ve set out to promote self-esteem amongst wonky yet gorgeous produce. We rescue produce from smallholder Australian farmers and convert into lip-smacking products. Mums’ recipes, as precious as Rembrandt; is why we started. Working weekends mostly, we’ve rescued 6.05 tons of organic produce thus far and converted it into, well, lots of jars of chutney that we’ve then sold. So, we’re guessing there’s people who actually like them. Oh and that photo above, that's us - Betty, Dad, Mum & me (Ankit).

Our first step
Although the exact founded on date eludes us, one of the first business activities included mum selling her much beloved Tamarind & Fig chutney at the weekend markets in Sydney. We embarked on a year long journey to explore and understand our supply chain for our only chutney, Tamarind & Fig. Fairtrade Australia facilitated contact with a range of suppliers located globally and we eventually became the one and only company in Australia and New Zealand (and 1 of 2 globally) to offer certified Fairtrade chutney.

And the next
Beauty contest leaves aesthetically wonky and bruised fruits and vegetables destined for landfill. Wasted food is also wasted inputs (energy, water and fertilisers). We decided to use business as a force for good and this is the part we play, as a family, in the climate crisis.

Then came BCorp certification
With utter glee we’d like to share that Eat Me Chutneys is a certified BCorporation (BCorp). The BCorp certification process conducted a thorough examination of all aspects of our chutney business - how we source our ingredients and inputs (organic, biodynamic, chemical free and within NSW as much as possible), who produces these ingredients and inputs (women led farms) to ownership of Eat Me Chutneys itself, how we treat our employees (a lady from the Asylum Seeker Centre), our default super fund (Australian Ethical), other supply chain partners (ex Sendle for carbon neutral deliveries) and everything in between. Since certifying in 2015, we improved our BCorp score from 86 to 111 out of a total of 200 and were included in the 2018 & 2019 Best for the World - Community category (annual B Corp awards).

Meanwhile, chutneys were being enjoyed in sandwiches and on cheese boards
We make food products that are at once delicious, thoughtful and joyful. They're organic, vegan with no additives or yucky e numbers or any artificial jazz. We've sold through so many wonderful farmers markets, festivals and corporate events. Such fun.

Join us on our adventure
There is newsletters and then there is Eat Me Chutneys' newsletter - well, it still is a newsletter but more fun. Short. Usually colourful. And sometimes a little funny. Ok, pitch done. You're welcome to join below.