Webshop, re-opens early 2020

Hello dear friend — thanks for stopping by.

Mostly, during festive season businesses ramp up their business-y activity. Mum and I decided to switch tracks this Christmas – to simply stop, breathe and celebrate our victories. But of course, these aren’t just ours alone – you, our wonderful customers and supporters, have helped us immensely along the way.

Our past grounds us and our future excites us - we're working hard on refining the visual identity (Officeworks labels can only go so far), checking in with farmers to see how they're doing, working with Fairtrade/BCorp peeps to refine our processes, calculating our carbon bottlenecks and improve where we can. We promise to be back soon with renewed energy and delicious offerings in early 2020. We invite you to sign up to our newsletter below.

From Betty, Dad, Mum & me (Ankit) - have an utterly delightful and safe Christmas.